Metrum Ensemble

5 October 2024, 19.00-21.00

Solti Hall

Here and Now

Metrum Ensemble Presented by Liszt Academy

Face and Mask – Works and Bach transcriptions by Ádám Kondor

Ádám Kondor: Die lange Reise von Arnstadt nach Lübeck (BWV 600, 654)
Ádám Kondor: Another Brandenburg Concerto (after BWV61)


Eberhardt Wüllner (alias Kondor): Fanfare
Ádám Kondor: Glückliche Dorfmusikanten

Metrum Ensemble: Gergely Kuklis (violin), Anna Rákóczy (flute), Norbert Hegyi (clarinet), Aranka Szabó (horn), Eszter Agárdi (cello), Jákob Bettermann (bassoon)
Conductor: Lajos Rozmán
Művészeti vezető: Rozmán Lajos és Rákóczy Anna
Rendezte: Keresztes Tamás

The musical evening, staged with theatrical ambitions, is based on the works and transcriptions of Ádám Kondor, who turns 60 this year, and the humour, eccentricity and piquancy that they generate. The supposed Brandenburg Concerto No. 7 (!) is a reinterpretation of Kondor’s favourite Bach cantata, while The Long Journey from Arnstadt to Lübeck orchestrates chorale preludes with unconventional courage. The latter is the latest of the composer’s unique transcriptions, in which he assumes the identity of his predecessors in a thousand different ways. And in the second half, a double twist! A symphony in four movements dressed in the style of an imaginary cantor and composer from Pécs. A post-romantic parody of Mozart’s musical farce of the same title. Caricature and naive, sincere musicality at the same time. Happy village musicians respond to the challenges of a world full of tensions with a real joie de vivre.


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