Balázs Fülei & Miyuji Kaneko Two-Piano Recital

18 November 2024, 19.00-21.30

Solti Hall

Chamber Music, So Close

Balázs Fülei & Miyuji Kaneko Two-Piano Recital Presented by Liszt Academy

Mozart, Liszt, Rachmaninov, Bartók

Mozart: Sonata for Two Pianos in D major, K. 448
Liszt: Concerto pathétique
Rachmaninov: Suite No. 2, Op. 17


Bartók: Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion, BB 115

Miyuji Kaneko, Balázs Fülei (piano)
Featuring: Kornél Hencz, Szabolcs Joó (percussion)

Balázs Fülei, a Liszt Ferenc Prize-winning pianist, not only dazzles audiences with his exceptional performances but also revitalizes classical music through his meticulously curated programs. He has graced the stages of the world’s most prestigious concert halls, collaborating with leading Hungarian and international orchestras, and he maintains close relationships with contemporary Hungarian composers. Pianist Miyuji Kaneko, born in Japan in 1989, displayed remarkable talent early on, earning a place in the special talent program at the Liszt Academy. Since 2011, he has been actively performing as a concert artist. He actively participates in educational programs and, like Balázs Fülei, holds the title of Steinway Artist. Their concert program is a significant undertaking both technically and artistically. Performing works for two pianos is a sensitive genre. These pieces simultaneously feature the complexity of symphonic works and the soloistic role of concertos. Mozart’s only composition for two pianos and Bartók’s masterpiece, perfect in every detail, promise a special concert experience.


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Liszt Academy Concert Centre


HUF 4 500

Concert series:

Chamber Music, So Close

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