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Franz Liszt to Lina Raman

The prizes of the János Arany competition for composers have been awarded at the Liszt Academy

5 March 2018

The event whose set up was supported by the Memorial Committee of the János Arany Anniversary hosted Mr. János Áder President of Hungary, and a speech was made by Péter Hoppál Minister of State for Culture of the Ministry of Human Capacities.

’To create the artistic heartland for young talents has been a century old tradition with the Liszt Academy’ - emphasized Dr. Andrea Vigh President of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music at the Award Ceremony and Gala Concert. ’All of us feel proud that on the concert tonight we are able to present you compositions that are worthy counterparts of classical pieces and stand their ground on the concert stage’ – she added.


Dr. Andrea Vigh, President of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music and Viktor Molnár, 1st Prize winner of the János Arany Composers Competition (Category: Song or cycle with piano accompaniment).

Photo: Liszt Academy / István Fazekas


Composers participating in the competition were supposed to base their work on texts by the poet in two categories: song or cycle for piano accompaniment and song or cycle for string orchestra. Ms. Andrea Meláth vocal artist served as President of the jury whose members were Mr. Gyula Fekete, Mr. László Dubrovay, Mr. Zoltán Jeney and Mr. János Vajda composers.


Photo: Liszt Academy / István Fazekas


At the Award Concert four of the winning compositions were staged, together with compositions by Pál Kadosa, Béla Reinitz and Zoltán Kodály that had been inspired by the poems of János Arany. In addition the audience had the opportunity to listen to some of the poet’s own songs as well. The vocalists were Katalin Halmai, Judit Anna Kiss, Szilvia Rálik, Ildikó Szakács, György Philipp, Lóránt Najbauer, Bence Pataki and Tibor Szappanos. Emese Virág and Péter Kiss were playing the piano. The Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra was conducted by Gergely Madaras.


Photo: Liszt Academy / István Fazekas


The prizes were jointly handed over to the winners by Minister of State for Culture Mr.  Péter Hoppál and Dr. Andrea Vígh President of the Liszt Academy.


Song or cycle with piano accompaniment

1st Prize:

Mr. Viktor Molnár: Red Rebecca

2nd Prize:

Ms. Katalin Szalai: Heritage

3rd Prize (shared):

D. Balázs Kecskés: Relief

Jonatán Zámbó: Father John’s Land


Song or cycle for string orchestra

1st Prize:

Barna Szabó: Kintsugi

2nd Prize:

Tímea Dragony: Dawning

3rd Prize:

László Sáry: Man with Tanpura


Prize winners of the János Arany Composers Competition: Balázs Kecskés D., Viktor Molnár, Katalin Szalai, Tímea Dragony, Barna Szabó.
Photo: Liszt Academy / István Fazekas