I am not exaggerating when I say that, whatever I achieved as a musician, I owe more to Leó Weiner than to anyone else. ... To me, he remains an outstanding example of what a musician should be.

Sir Georg Solti
Jolana Slavikova Song Recital

9 November 2023, 19.00-21.00

Solti Hall

Competition Winners

Jolana Slavikova Song Recital Presented by Liszt Academy

Special Prize Winner of the 5th Éva Marton International Singing Competition

Kebych bola jahodú – Moravian folk song
Janáček: Moravian Folk Poetry in Songs – 2. Stálosť, 32. Záře od milého, 33. Polajka, 44. Věrnosť, 3. Lavečka, 28. Loučení, 18. Koníčky milého
Oh, Danny boy – Irish folk song
Ravel: Chants populaires
Komitas: Krunk
Shostakovich: Two Romances, Op. 84
Morning at Kaukasus
Prokofiev: Piano Sonata No. 9 in C major, Op. 103 – 3. Andante tranquillo
Ej, lásko lásko – Czech folk song
Liszt: Die drei Zigeuner
de Falla: Seven Spanish Folksongs
Debussy: Estampes – 3. Jardins sous la pluie
Bartók: Village Scenes, BB 87b

Jolana Slavikova (mezzo-soprano), Tamás Kéry (piano)


Listen to the performance of Jolana Slavikova at the 5th Éva Marton International Singing Competition:



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